Laws are in place to protect civil rights, to safeguard citizens from wrongdoing or malicious acts, and they are the foundations upon which all of the ins and outs of daily life is built. The law is there to be trusted, as something that can be depended on. Unfortunately however dependability and trust are not often words that are associated with the legal profession. Stereotypes portray lawyers as unreliable and overpaid, who work to reap the benefits of any given case without enough regard for the needs of their client. As with any stereotype there will always be some who meet the expectation, however there are many legal professionals who act in accordance to the law and whose primary aim it is to fairly represent their clients and strive for justice.

Christopher Duren is the type of lawyer that people like having on their side. After earning a BA from University of Wisconsin, he went on to gain his law degree from Samford University, Cumberland School of Law. Since then he has sought to put hard earned knowledge to practice, and has successfully represented citizens of Waunakee, Wisconsin and beyond in cases of family affairs, business negotiations, real estate endeavors, personal injury claims, and more. For Chris Duren, sparking local innovation and economical growth is important, as he practices in the area he has lived in from an early age. His broad experience means that to each individual case he is able to apply comprehensive knowledge of any legal complications that may arise. Having also worked as a judge, Duren demonstrates a true awareness of all aspects of law. Set apart from his contemporaries in providing a strong but personal service, he has steadily built a positive reputation for doing good for the community.

The nuances of local laws make his dedicated experience within Wisconsin a strong asset to his firm, however often local lawyers are limited to certain specific areas of practice. Christopher Duren’s success is not isolated to certain areas, and he can therefore offer complete legal services. In turn this allows him to build a far stronger client relationship, and any advice is customized to each individual case.

View Christopher Duren on Slideshare for more details about his proffessional endeavors and working relationships, and find out how with his input many clients have won cases, invested in property, and lead legal corporate negotiations to success.

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