Starting a new business can be a daunting task for entrepreneurs. Being able to negotiate the complexities of business models, strategies and logistical operations is difficult enough. This is before they have even approached the legal aspects. Making a success of a business can be decided on the simple factor of whether or not a legal foundation has been put in place, which is why it is important to get the best legal help from experienced professionals when starting off. Chris Duren, distinguished attorney from Waunakee has demonstrated throughout his career his ability to help businesses get off to a good start for a prosperous road.

For Christopher Duren, Helping Entrepreneurs Make Their Dreams Reality is an extremely rewarding profession, and what motivated him to become a lawyer in his younger years. The importance of having a thriving economy in a local community is vital to its longevity and the happiness and well-being of all the citizens who reside there and in the area. Creating a fertile environment in which entrepreneurs are able to grow businesses with help and aid, is vital to drawing more people and other businesses to an area. Chris Duren likes nothing more than being able to kick start the prosperous lifeline of an exciting business, and ensures meticulous legal advise in planning and setting up the legal foundations for businesses.

Duren Law Offices was established in 1997 by Chris Duren upon returning to the town in which he was raised and loves so much. Being able to contribute to this community by helping the economy prosper with fresh enterprise and providing people with their rights is an extremely rewarding feeling. In business litigation and law, Duren Law Offices have excelled and built a distinguished reputation in the area. There services cover everything from starting a business, forming a Corporation or Limited Liability Company (LLC), drafting Business Contracts and Agreements, Non-competition Agreements, Stock Purchase Agreements, Debt collection, Construction Liens; Sale and Purchase of Businesses.

For Christopher Duren, Professional Diversity As The Key To Success is a motto that has always stuck with him. On top of being a specialist in helping businesses establish themselves, he has a wide ranging portfolio in family law, bankruptcy, title insurance, criminal defense and real estate.

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