Laws are in place to protect civil rights, to safeguard citizens from wrongdoing or malicious acts, and they are the foundations upon which all of the ins and outs of daily life is built. The law is there to be trusted, as something that can be depended on. Unfortunately however dependability and trust are not often words that are associated with the legal profession. Stereotypes portray lawyers as unreliable and overpaid, who work to reap the benefits of any given case without enough regard for the needs of their client. As with any stereotype there will always be some who meet the expectation, however there are many legal professionals who act in accordance to the law and whose primary aim it is to fairly represent their clients and strive for justice.

Christopher Duren is the type of lawyer that people like having on their side. After earning a BA from University of Wisconsin, he went on to gain his law degree from Samford University, Cumberland School of Law. Since then he has sought to put hard earned knowledge to practice, and has successfully represented citizens of Waunakee, Wisconsin and beyond in cases of family affairs, business negotiations, real estate endeavors, personal injury claims, and more. For Chris Duren, sparking local innovation and economical growth is important, as he practices in the area he has lived in from an early age. His broad experience means that to each individual case he is able to apply comprehensive knowledge of any legal complications that may arise. Having also worked as a judge, Duren demonstrates a true awareness of all aspects of law. Set apart from his contemporaries in providing a strong but personal service, he has steadily built a positive reputation for doing good for the community.

The nuances of local laws make his dedicated experience within Wisconsin a strong asset to his firm, however often local lawyers are limited to certain specific areas of practice. Christopher Duren’s success is not isolated to certain areas, and he can therefore offer complete legal services. In turn this allows him to build a far stronger client relationship, and any advice is customized to each individual case.

View Christopher Duren on Slideshare for more details about his proffessional endeavors and working relationships, and find out how with his input many clients have won cases, invested in property, and lead legal corporate negotiations to success.

Many of those who suffer an accident through no fault of their own do not seek professional advice. Although in personal injury cases the victim is potentially liable to claim often substantial sums in terms of compensation, many are unaware. Unfortunately a lot of people worry that making a case for reimbursement will be a lengthy, or even costly, process. Luckily if they seek a lawyer with good experience and a strong reputation, they pave the way for a strong case. In the aftermath of such events medical costs can be high, and incidents are often detrimental to work productivity. Thus an expert legal advisor can push for adequate recognition of this when making a claim.

Christopher Duren, of Duren Law Office, LLC in Wisconsin, has been providing full service legal advice for residents across the state of Wisconsin since 1997. In that time he has represented many individuals, and helped them reach justice in claiming compensation for an accident that was not their fault. His commitment to fighting for fair reimbursement for the pain and suffering that these events can cause has helped build a strong reputation within the surrounding areas of his practice in Waunakee, Wisconsin. Read Christopher Duren – Attorney Christopher Duren Defense for Personal Injury Cases for more details on this speciality.

Legal fees are often a legitimate deterrent for victims of personal injury cases. When an accident has had a detrimental effect on income, and has already cost in medical fees, it is difficult to seek professional advice if there is a worry that it is going to cost even more. Duren Law Offices LLC are keenly aware of this, and in dedication to the best outcome for their clients no legal fees or costs are implicated if the claim proves unsuccessful. This also proves their own confidence in reaching a successful result, and also shows that they will be honest with clients if it is in their expert opinion that the case is not strong enough to take further.

For those unsure if they have a case, it is always advised to seek a professional opinion. If not for yourself, then in consideration of family or friends who have been supportive, or to help prevent any incident from repeating. Read Christopher Duren: Sticking up for You to learn more about the Wisconsin attorney’s dedication to his clients, and to seeking justice for those inflicted.

Starting a new business can be a daunting task for entrepreneurs. Being able to negotiate the complexities of business models, strategies and logistical operations is difficult enough. This is before they have even approached the legal aspects. Making a success of a business can be decided on the simple factor of whether or not a legal foundation has been put in place, which is why it is important to get the best legal help from experienced professionals when starting off. Chris Duren, distinguished attorney from Waunakee has demonstrated throughout his career his ability to help businesses get off to a good start for a prosperous road.

For Christopher Duren, Helping Entrepreneurs Make Their Dreams Reality is an extremely rewarding profession, and what motivated him to become a lawyer in his younger years. The importance of having a thriving economy in a local community is vital to its longevity and the happiness and well-being of all the citizens who reside there and in the area. Creating a fertile environment in which entrepreneurs are able to grow businesses with help and aid, is vital to drawing more people and other businesses to an area. Chris Duren likes nothing more than being able to kick start the prosperous lifeline of an exciting business, and ensures meticulous legal advise in planning and setting up the legal foundations for businesses.

Duren Law Offices was established in 1997 by Chris Duren upon returning to the town in which he was raised and loves so much. Being able to contribute to this community by helping the economy prosper with fresh enterprise and providing people with their rights is an extremely rewarding feeling. In business litigation and law, Duren Law Offices have excelled and built a distinguished reputation in the area. There services cover everything from starting a business, forming a Corporation or Limited Liability Company (LLC), drafting Business Contracts and Agreements, Non-competition Agreements, Stock Purchase Agreements, Debt collection, Construction Liens; Sale and Purchase of Businesses.

For Christopher Duren, Professional Diversity As The Key To Success is a motto that has always stuck with him. On top of being a specialist in helping businesses establish themselves, he has a wide ranging portfolio in family law, bankruptcy, title insurance, criminal defense and real estate.

IMG_8727It has always been a great tradition for Americans to serve their country in the best possible way they can. Few other countries match the US in terms of their citizens having such a strong sense of patriotic duty. This drive to contribute to something greater than you can manifest itself in many forms. The most obvious is serving in the military, of which the US is mightily proud. Other areas could be in sports, business, politics, travel and culture. However there is one particular area which represents the very building blocks of which created this country. For many there can be no greater honor than representing the American legal system. This relatively new country was built on the founding principles of the American Constitution, which wit its amendments is still practiced an upheld today by the hundreds of thousands working in law. Christopher Duren is one such man who is proud to serve his country in such a way, and sees it as the key to building local communities and also personal well-being.

Ever since he was a child, Christopher Duren had a strong sense of needing to serve his country, and early on recognized becoming a lawyer as the perfect way to pursue this desire. An exemplary student, Christopher Duren breezed through university with flying colors, although not without hard work and determination. In 1997 he returned to his hometown of Waunakee to set up his own practice, Duren Law Offices, LLC- the perfect way he saw, to help people whilst serving his country.

The areas he quickly specialized in are integral parts of what makes a small community function both economically and socially- real estate and divorce. His ability to empathize with others, and have an emotional understanding of clients without jeopardizing the partiality of law quickly made him a popular figure in the town. His desire to oil the cogs of the community in which he lives gives him a sense of purpose that transcends the rampant individuality that we see so often in other sectors such as finance.

In this sense Christopher Duren is the all-American modern man. He returned to the place of his birth to help operate one of the pillars of society, which allows us to function civilly. It is the American flag and the citizens of Waunakee that remain his driving force, and have helped him instill a sense of meaning not only into his career, but also his life. Find out more about the owner of Duren law offices here.

For the most part, family is an unparalleled source of love, happiness, and support. However, human nature is far from perfect, and sometimes these intrinsic flaws can have negative affects on the family unit. In some cases, these negative affects cannot be reconciled, and divorce or other family legal arrangements end up being the only option. While divorce can be stressful and emotionally draining, it can also be a way to get back on your feet and reinvent your life. No matter what your situation or reasoning is, there are those who can assist you through this difficult time in your life.

Christopher Duren wants you to know that you don’t have to go through the challenge of divorce, or any other family legal matters, on your own. Mr. Duren’s Wisconsin-based legal firm, Duren Law Offices, offers comprehensive legal services in the area of Family Law, including divorce, spousal support, child support and custody, and the division of assets and liabilities due to divorce. Mr. Duren is renowned for his skills as a litigator and negotiator, so you can be assured that you are in capable hands.

One attribute that distinguishes Mr. Duren from other legal attorneys is his desire to build strong relationships with his clients, on both a professional and a personal level. Today, many attorneys have the tendency to treat their clients as paychecks rather than people. Mr. Duren and his colleagues differ greatly from this; they respect their clients to the utmost degree, and promise to do everything in their power to reach settlements in alignment with their client’s best interest. This is especially critical in situations as sensitive as divorce, which can be emotionally, mentally, and financially draining.

Especially when children are involved, Mr. Duren’s philosophy is that it is best for everyone if the parents are able to cooperate and reach a mutual agreement regarding custody and placement of their children. However, divorce is often unpredictable and ill-natured, and sometimes compromise is impossible to achieve. In these cases, Mr. Duren guarantees that he will represent you aggressively and fairly inside and outside of the courtroom, if it indeed comes to that. Divorce is not something anyone hopes to have to deal with. But if you do find yourself in this unfortunate circumstance, Duren Law Offices will stay by your side every step of the way, so that you can move forward with the rest of your life.


A wide array of legal services provided by Chris Duren include, real estate/title services, family law, business law, bankruptcy, civil litigation, criminal defense, etc.